I Learned About RVing From That: Watch That First Step

ext_sigultralitetrailersI got my first non-tent camping unit in 1994 – a used slide-in truck camper – and have had seven more RVs of various kinds since then, so I’ve been at this for a while. Over the years I’ve learned a thing or three about RVing, often the hard way. In the hope of keeping you from making the same mistakes, I’m periodically writing about some of my experiences.

Many towable-trailer manufacturers build units with two doors. Usually, one is near the living area and the another off a bedroom. My first brand new unit – a Rockwood – had two doors and that was quite a novelty to me.

But we nearly always used the aft door from the living area whenever we accessed the trailer because that was where we spent most of our time when on the road. However, one time we had been set up for a few days in one spot and I just hadn’t bothered to put out the forward door stairs.

Well, I was in the bedroom one evening and – can’t remember why now – decided to go out that door. I unlocked it, opened it, and stepped… straight out into nothing. Half-a-second later I hit the grass and wound up on my rear, dazed and confused.

As I am inclined to do, the second thing I did, after first checking for anything broken or bleeding, was peer around to see if anyone had seen my stunt. To my everlasting relief I was alone out there.

Also, as I am inclined to do, I immediately called myself every name in the book. ‘How dumb was that,’ I remember thinking.

Thereafter, whether or not I thought I’d be needing them, I put out the front stairs as well as the back ones every time we set up this unit. Yup, I learned about RVing from that.


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  1. DOH! I’d love to really laugh at you, but I could easily see myself doing this too! A good point to remember, rather than have to learn oneself!

    • Barry
      Oct 1, 2013

      Some lessons hurt a lot less if you can learn them from another’s mistakes. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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