On and off the web we find resources that we’d like to share with readers; sometimes they do us a little good (linking on something called “the web” is of course an essential element), but we won’t link to just anyone — there’s got to be good information, good value, first!  That said, hope you get some of each from these:

We features a collection of blogs from travelers around the globe; we find some interesting tidbits in there about places and travel tips too (there’s a recent post called How to Make Your Vacation Money Go a Little Further that has a few good ideas, for instance).

Vacation Rentals New York provides lists of holiday apartments for rent in NYC, fully serviced with online booking. We haven’t tried this yet, but it looks pretty snazzy.

The Longest Way Home is a directory of blogs (yes, initially this was a link exchange), but after reviewing we were impressed with the range of travel blogs cited, and the thoroughly helpful categorization provided.

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