Tucson – Pima Air Museum Redux


Some of the many tchotchkes available at the gift shop

For those of you who are readers of this site, you may remember when we visited the Pima Air and Space Museum on our last trip to Tucson a year ago. Yes, you know who you are. Ellen was having some leg issues then and I had to push her around in a loaner wheelchair outside. Because the ground wasn’t conducive to the narrow wheels, I couldn’t see nearly what I wanted of the many aircraft stationed around outside on part of the eighty acres of the facility. We did, however, get to look around at the displays inside the several large hangars there.

So I was determined to revisit the museum and stroll the grounds and see some of the many aircraft I missed last time. Ellen’s leg is much better this year so it was a go. Actually, I wanted to ride the tram that tours the grounds hourly, but was informed by a not-so-helpful front-desk employee that they stopped selling tickets ten minutes before each tour and that we were too late. Oh, and this was the last tour of the day.

We walked on through the building and when we got outside the tram was still sitting there waiting to leave. With empty seats.

As it turned out, our walking pace matched the tram for a while, since it would stop while the docent pointed out different aircraft along the way, and we could hear some of the descriptions.

I have to mention that Ellen was being a good sport, because her interest in airplanes doesn’t nearly rise to the level of mine. Not even close. Not even the same planet. Like I said, a good sport.

So, look below at a few of the aircraft that caught my eye, and follow the links to learn more. This is history, folks.

Convair B-36 Peacemaker bomber

C-124 Globemaster

VC-118A (similar to DC-6

C-119C Flying Boxcar

KB-50J Aerial Tanker (based on B-29)

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